We believe in purchasing excellent businesses at reasonable prices — businesses that are run by able and honest people whose interests are aligned with our own. When we buy a stock, we are buying the business behind the stock, not a piece of paper. If the business does well over time, the stock price will follow.

We do not limit ourselves with respect to size, style or region, but make purchases based on inherent investment merit. We seek businesses that enjoy a strong competitive advantage. Since a majority of equities are found outside the United States, we also include high quality foreign companies that meet our investment standards.

In buying fixed income securities, we include only the highest quality corporate, agency, government and municipal bonds, as we do not engage in speculation in either our stock or bond purchases.

Each separately managed account is designed to honor the client's specific preferences or restrictions. Whether for an individual or a non-profit organization, we tailor our investments either to take advantage of tax free status or to mitigate tax consequences. Our aim is to forge a partnership with our clients in which we help them achieve their long-term financial goals in the safest and most secure way possible.